This is the video turorial for v1.0, in that are showed and explained all the necessary steps to create a game.

Part 1: Main flash video   youtube

Part 2: The editor at a glance flash video  youtube

  • Show the differents parts of editor and explain its use and function.

Part 3: Adding and setting scenes flash video  youtube

  • Add the scenes to the game and configure its basic resources.

Part 4: Connect scenes using exits flash video  youtube

  • Add exits in scenes to connect each others and allow to go across them.

Part 5: Characters and conversations flash video  youtube

  • Add a non player character in the game (NPC).
  • Create a conversation and link it to the NPC.
  • Put the NPC on a scene

Part 6: Adding logic to the game flash video  youtube

  • Add flags in the game to control the game behaviour (e.g. force to turn on the alarm).
  • Use the active zone to the player can interact with the alarm as a part of the scene.
  • Change the exit behaviour using "Next Scene" elements.

Part 7: Cutscenes flash video  youtube

  • Create cutscenes using slides and videos.
  • Use the cutscenes to give alternative ends to the game.

Part 8: Take the advantages of the active zones flash video  youtube

  • Add active zones in the game to enhance expresivity.
  • Change the active zone behaviour to give information to the user or to obtain a similar behaviour as in exits.

Part 9: Books and objects flash video  youtube

  • Create a simple book with the editor.
  • Create an object to show the book.
  • Add the book in a scene and bring the possibility to catch it to add in inventory.

Part 10: Timers and resource blocks flash video  youtube

  • Create a timer to implement a time-dependant behaivour.
  • Use resorce blocks to change the appareance of the scene and the objects according to tha game conditions.

Part 11: Custom actions flash video  youtube

  • Add a custom action to answer the phone.
  • Use a flag to avoid the player leaving the room without answering the phone.

Part 12: Assessment flash video  youtube

  • Create a set of flags that will be activated depending on the user activity.
  • Create an assessment profile that will use the flags to generate a report.
  • Show the resulting report.