eAdventure 1.5

It is our great pleasure to introduce eAdventure 1.5!

This is a major release with a few new interesting and powerful features, and lots of bug fixes and usability improvements developed with a single purpose: provide a better authoring and play experience.

These are the main novelties that are awaiting for you in eAdventure 1.5!

You won’t feel disappointed.

NOTE: For a full list of changes, click here

New look and feel


eAdventure 1.5 introduces a new look and feel based on its revised brand image. All logos, splash screens, cursors, buttons and other visual assets have been redesigned to provide a more consistent and modern interface.

Accessibility commitment

In eAdventure, A whole set of new features was implemented to improve the accessibility of eAdventure games, especially for blind players. These features altogether constitute a powerful mechanism for game authors, who can make the game playable with the keyboard and provide all feedback in auditory form.

More international than ever

eAdventure is constantly trying to reach the widest possible audience. Now, eAdventure includes translations to Galician, Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil) and Russian, produced by Fran Macías, Yuchun Feng Yuokla, Yiwei Cao, Gilberto Azevedo and Elena Nemilova. Thanks for making this possible!

Using (and learning) e-Learning standards has never been easier!

We believe that integration of educational games and popular Learning Management Systems like Moodle is a win-win relation, and we are committed to support it. Now, eAdventure includes a tool that facilitates using the SCORM communication standard and debugging games that make use of it. This tool is also educative as it can be used to get a better understanding of how SCORM works and how it can be used with games.

Better user interfaces

Support for buttons has been added to eAdventure by implementing two new features for items: “1-click interaction” behaviour and hover images. In addition, fade-in-out transitions between changes of appearances in items have been implemented. With these (and other) features it is possible to make better user interfaces for your games.

Improved authoring experience


Several changes contribute to make the activity of creating games more efficient and pleasant. For example, support for multi-screen environments has been enhanced, especially on Linux.

A comprehensive list of changes and new features can be found at http://e-adventure.e-ucm.es/releasenotes/fullnotes.html, and the platform is available for download at http://eadventure.e-ucm.es/download/. Don’t hesitate to give it a try!