eAdventure - past, present and future


Hi everyone,

A lot of things are happening about eAdventure, so we think the time to explain some of them has come.

<e-Adventure> belongs to the past, "eAdventure" is the future!

You may have noticed that we are not using any more our classic tag-like notation to refer to "<e-Adventure>". We have eventually decided to adopt the contracted form "eAdventure", which is actually what most of our users call the platform. There was a time when using the < and > symbols was a funny reference to eAdventure's underpinning XML technology (sorry for the techie tone here), but it turned out to be more problematic than beneficial (for example, because forums like this filter strange symbols). So now it's official: our platform is called eAdventure. This change also reflects our intentions of making eAdventure more easy to use and reliable, with a simpler user interface to increase productivity.

Go orange and be happy

Along with the new name, we are updating eAdventure's look and feel. Orange, grey, black and white are becoming the predominant colors of our new elegant user Interface. Hold your breath! We will post some screenshots very soon so you can have a glance. In the meanwhile, here's our new logo designed by Gabriel Navarro and Héctor Montoya (thanks for the good work guys).

Roadmap: eAdventure 1.5, 1.9 and 2.0.

The new look and feel will be introduced for next eAdventure's release: eAdventure 1.5. Yes, you can consider this an official announcement that eAdventure 1.5 is on the go and will be publicly available soon. At the moment our development backlog looks almost empty, which means we'll start testing next week. We will post a preview of the new features introduced in eAdventure1.5 very soon (we know you'll biting your nails but please be patient :).

This major release is the first on our roadmap. After this milestone we will start working on release 1.9 with September 2012 as a tentative release date. The most important novelty is that eAdventure 1.9 will be shipped with the new version of our game engine. As you know, eAdventure has two components: a game editor, which is what you use to create the games, and a game engine, which executes the games on the students' machines. We say the game engine's new because it has been built from scratch using state-of-the-art technologies to deliver modern game-based learning experiences to our students on different devices. Teachers will also profit from a much better game deployment experience. We wouldn't like to annoy you with too many details, all you need to know is that eAdventure1.9 will allow you to deploy the games on the Web using HTML5 (no Java Applets) and also on Android devices as native applications. All the other deployment formats (learning objects, standalone Java application, etc.) will be supported as well. The new game engine will support most of current features (animations, effects, etc.), and also a whole set of new things.

We are also working on a new version of the game editor. In its development we are applying all the knowledge acquired and all the feedback you've provided us with. We are trying to make frequent tasks easier and faster, but without compromising functionality. We also want the new editor to be more coherent and extensible to support a steady growth of the platform for the next 5-10 years. This version, including new versions of game editor and engine, will be called "eAdventure2.0". Anyway this will take us a while, so don't expect a major release featuring the new editor before the first trimester of 2013.

eAdventure timeline

Changes are for good

We've been introducing these changes for a while now, and we know some of you are concerned. "Will old games work with next versions of eAdventure?" "It took me ages to master this software, why are you turning everything around now??" All these fears are reasonable as you have put loads of time and enthusiasm to develop your games, but please don't panic as we are making the transition curve plain and smooth. Both versions of editor and engine will be interoperable so you could choose what version you prefer to use. Don't worry if you don't want to use the new engine, you could still use the old engine to run and distribute your games. Old games will also work on the new version, so your investments are protected. And we will be posting tutorials, walkthru docs and other stuff to help you understand the new interfaces and concepts. Besides, having a new version of the platform will help us keep up developing new features and extending eAdventure for many, many years.

That's all for now folks, stay tuned!

Happy weekend,

The eAdventure team.