Call for feedback! The Blind Faith Games project (accessible games for Android) needs your help!


Hi there,

This week we're launching Blind Faith Games, a student project we are supervising at the e-UCM research group.

The goal of the project is to produce a toolset that facilitates the development of accessible games for blind people for Android smartphones and tablets. Three games have been developed using this toolset, which have already been published and are available for download from Google Play (

So, why don't you just give them a try? We are pretty happy with the overall user experience and the accessibility features introduced, but we need feedback!! Specially from blind users and experts on accessibility, we cannot push the accessibility of these games forward without you.

There's a short evaluation questionnaire that we encourage you to fulfill after playing the games for a while. We promise it will take only 10 minutes of your time. It is also available from the applications main menu and there is an offline version ( that you can return by e-mail to jtorrente a t All the information of the project is also available at

Thanks to all of you for helping us in improving the accessibility of our games!