Interested in serious games? - Join SEGAN!


Hi there, A week ago an interesting Network of Excellence in "Serious Games", called SEGAN (Serious Games Network), was launched. The project is supported by te European Comission through the Lifelong Learning Programme and the <e-UCM> research group is one of the partners, so <e-Adventure> will be represented in the network. The network goal is to join expertise from organizations and individuals in Serious Games around Europe, proposing a european combined strategy for serious games in education and training. Besides, SEGAN will organize workshops and divulgative events to facilitate communication among educators, researchers and professionals in serious games. We encourage all of you to join its Facebook group: Ask to join and we'll get you in as soon as possible. Best regards, The <e-Adventure> team (Edited by Baltasar Fernandez - original submission jueves, 2 febrero 2012, 01:09 )