PDF links broken (and fixed)


Hi, We've been reported that some of the PDF files that we keep on SourceForge.net (manuals, tutorials, etc.) were broken. We have already reported this issue to SF.net and have temporarily moved the links to elsewhere so they can be accessed. We believe that all the links in this website work now. However, please contact us if you experience any problem with any download. Sorry for the inconvenience, The eAdventure team.

New release candidate of eAdventure 1.5 (RC4)


Dear all,

A new release candidate for eAdventure 1.5 is available!
It is our great pleasure to announce that we have published a new release candidate with two new translations of the editor GUI to Portuguese (Brazilian variant) and Russian. Thanks to Gilberto Azevedo and Elena Nemilova, authors of these localizations! This new release candidate also fixes problems during the exportation of games related to insufficient privileges. Just to let you know, the eAdventure editor needs to have writing permissions in folder eadventure/web/temp, so when it is installed in a restricted folder (e.g. Program Files) the problem arises.

You can find all the distributions of this new RC on the downloads section.

Hope you find it useful, The eAdventure team

Research publications updated


Hi all, For those of you interested in research on serious games: We have updated the "Related publications" section on our webpage. As you know, eAdventure is not only a (great) authoring tool for serious games, but also our testbed for doing research on Game-Based Learning and Serious Games. In the last few years we've been pretty busy conducting research on diverse topics such as game accessibility, game authoring (including visual languages), interoperability, integration with e-Learning standards, learning analytics, application of games to the medical field ... just to cite a few! So, if you are a researcher, you can profit from the outcomes of the eAdventure project. Have a look at our recent publications list (http://e-adventure.e-ucm.es/publications/) or follow us on Mendeley (http://www.mendeley.com/groups/837521/e-ucm-research-group/) And if you like what we do ... don't forget to cite our papers!

New release candidate of eAdventure 1.5


A bug concerning the execution of the eAdventure game engine was found in version 1.5 release candidate 1 (1.5RC1), published on July 27th, 2012. A bad formed classpath hindered execution of any game on Unix or Mac systems. As of August 2nd, 2012, this issue has been solved and a new release candidate is available for download through the links provided on the downloads page.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
The eAdventure team

eAdventure 1.5 released!


Dear users,

We are very pleased to announce that the new version of eAdventure, 1.5, has been released!

Now it is available through the downloads section.

This is a major release that contains interesting new features and a lot of bug fixes. You can see a full detailed list of changes on the release notes section.

Next release on our roadmap will be eAdventure 1.9, which will introduce a new version of the eAdventure game engine. In the meanwhile, we'll be dedicated to updating all documents and learning materials on this website.

Hope you like it!

Happy eAdventuring,

The eAdventure team.

eAdventure - past, present and future


Hi everyone,

A lot of things are happening about eAdventure, so we think the time to explain some of them has come.

<e-Adventure> belongs to the past, "eAdventure" is the future!

You may have noticed that we are not using any more our classic tag-like notation to refer to "<e-Adventure>". We have eventually decided to adopt the contracted form "eAdventure", which is actually what most of our users call the platform. There was a time when using the < and > symbols was a funny reference to eAdventure's underpinning XML technology (sorry for the techie tone here), but it turned out to be more problematic than beneficial (for example, because forums like this filter strange symbols). So now it's official: our platform is called eAdventure. This change also reflects our intentions of making eAdventure more easy to use and reliable, with a simpler user interface to increase productivity.

Go orange and be happy

Along with the new name, we are updating eAdventure's look and feel. Orange, grey, black and white are becoming the predominant colors of our new elegant user Interface. Hold your breath! We will post some screenshots very soon so you can have a glance. In the meanwhile, here's our new logo designed by Gabriel Navarro and Héctor Montoya (thanks for the good work guys).

Roadmap: eAdventure 1.5, 1.9 and 2.0.

The new look and feel will be introduced for next eAdventure's release: eAdventure 1.5. Yes, you can consider this an official announcement that eAdventure 1.5 is on the go and will be publicly available soon. At the moment our development backlog looks almost empty, which means we'll start testing next week. We will post a preview of the new features introduced in eAdventure1.5 very soon (we know you'll biting your nails but please be patient :).

This major release is the first on our roadmap. After this milestone we will start working on release 1.9 with September 2012 as a tentative release date. The most important novelty is that eAdventure 1.9 will be shipped with the new version of our game engine. As you know, eAdventure has two components: a game editor, which is what you use to create the games, and a game engine, which executes the games on the students' machines. We say the game engine's new because it has been built from scratch using state-of-the-art technologies to deliver modern game-based learning experiences to our students on different devices. Teachers will also profit from a much better game deployment experience. We wouldn't like to annoy you with too many details, all you need to know is that eAdventure1.9 will allow you to deploy the games on the Web using HTML5 (no Java Applets) and also on Android devices as native applications. All the other deployment formats (learning objects, standalone Java application, etc.) will be supported as well. The new game engine will support most of current features (animations, effects, etc.), and also a whole set of new things.

We are also working on a new version of the game editor. In its development we are applying all the knowledge acquired and all the feedback you've provided us with. We are trying to make frequent tasks easier and faster, but without compromising functionality. We also want the new editor to be more coherent and extensible to support a steady growth of the platform for the next 5-10 years. This version, including new versions of game editor and engine, will be called "eAdventure2.0". Anyway this will take us a while, so don't expect a major release featuring the new editor before the first trimester of 2013.

eAdventure timeline

Changes are for good

We've been introducing these changes for a while now, and we know some of you are concerned. "Will old games work with next versions of eAdventure?" "It took me ages to master this software, why are you turning everything around now??" All these fears are reasonable as you have put loads of time and enthusiasm to develop your games, but please don't panic as we are making the transition curve plain and smooth. Both versions of editor and engine will be interoperable so you could choose what version you prefer to use. Don't worry if you don't want to use the new engine, you could still use the old engine to run and distribute your games. Old games will also work on the new version, so your investments are protected. And we will be posting tutorials, walkthru docs and other stuff to help you understand the new interfaces and concepts. Besides, having a new version of the platform will help us keep up developing new features and extending eAdventure for many, many years.

That's all for now folks, stay tuned!

Happy weekend,

The eAdventure team.

Call for feedback! The Blind Faith Games project (accessible games for Android) needs your help!


Hi there,

This week we're launching Blind Faith Games, a student project we are supervising at the e-UCM research group.

The goal of the project is to produce a toolset that facilitates the development of accessible games for blind people for Android smartphones and tablets. Three games have been developed using this toolset, which have already been published and are available for download from Google Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=e-UCM.

So, why don't you just give them a try? We are pretty happy with the overall user experience and the accessibility features introduced, but we need feedback!! Specially from blind users and experts on accessibility, we cannot push the accessibility of these games forward without you.

There's a short evaluation questionnaire https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEo0ZE80cEw5Mlg1bWJpbjJFcm1UeUE6MQ#gid=0 that we encourage you to fulfill after playing the games for a while. We promise it will take only 10 minutes of your time. It is also available from the applications main menu and there is an offline version (http://e-adventure.e-ucm.es/bfg/form.docx) that you can return by e-mail to jtorrente a t fdi.ucm.es. All the information of the project is also available at http://en.blind-faith-games.e-ucm.es.

Thanks to all of you for helping us in improving the accessibility of our games!

Interested in serious games? - Join SEGAN!


Hi there, A week ago an interesting Network of Excellence in "Serious Games", called SEGAN (Serious Games Network), was launched. The project is supported by te European Comission through the Lifelong Learning Programme and the <e-UCM> research group is one of the partners, so <e-Adventure> will be represented in the network. The network goal is to join expertise from organizations and individuals in Serious Games around Europe, proposing a european combined strategy for serious games in education and training. Besides, SEGAN will organize workshops and divulgative events to facilitate communication among educators, researchers and professionals in serious games. We encourage all of you to join its Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/segan/. Ask to join and we'll get you in as soon as possible. Best regards, The <e-Adventure> team (Edited by Baltasar Fernandez - original submission jueves, 2 febrero 2012, 01:09 )

Six new games in the repository: CATEDU and URJC


We continue receiving new contributions!

We have updated the games' repository with six new titles available to the whole community in the section Games created by external organizations".

On the one hand, we have uploaded the latest games developed in collaboration with CATEDU. Three of them continue the development line of situational games for English teaching previously started by this organization. In addition, we added a first aid game where we have worked together with two expert trainers from the Emergency Department at the Hospital Miguel Servet in Zaragoza. This is the description of the games:

- Finding a Job: In this game you will follow the steps to find work. You'll have to write your resume, review it fixing possible errors and, depending on how you have done these tasks, you will go to an interview in one of three available jobs. What will you get?

- Errands: Your mother entrust you a number of errands to run during the day. She prepared a treasure hunt to accomplish them in a funny way. Will you achieve all of them?

- Eating Out: A couple of friends decide going out to have dinner. Help them to select the best choice through various mini-games making decisions about the kind of restaurant, the specific place to go after reading several newspaper clippings or the best dishes in the menu. At the end you also will be able to help preparing a dish!

- First Aid: This game was developed with the aim of training on the first aid procedures to follow in three situations: Choking, chest pain and unconsciousness. Knowing how to act in these situations can save lives. The game has several branches and it does not always present the same situations, for example, you can have a defibrillator or not, thus the procedures will be different. You can play the game several times and try to get the maximum score in all situations.

In addition, colleagues of the LibreSoft research group, School of Telecommunications Engineering at the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid sent us two games:

- Getting to know URJC Fuenlabrada Campus: This adventure game was designed to provide a virtual tour around of the Fuenlabrada Campus (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos), in particular for Telecommunication engineering students.

- Open-Source Software Game: The main aim of this game is showing the basic principles of open-source software. With the guest starring of some of the most known people in this movement, you will learn about the important issues of open-source community that goes beyond information technology.

We would like to thank both organizations the fact of sharing such good games with the <eAdventure > community.

We also encourage the rest of the community to send us interesting cases of use of the platform.

Kind regards



Hi all, A lot of people asked about how to contribute to <e-Adventure>. Well, here you have some guidelines:


There you'll also find the links to our localization toolkit. So if you want to translate <e-Adventure> to your language, for example, there you can find the instructions and software you need. But let us know, so we can give you the credits you're worth!

Thanks a lot! Looking forward to seeing your contributions!

Case study developed by Francisco de Paula Santander University


Members of Francisco de Paula Santander University, in Cúcuta, Colombia, have developed 8 <e-Adventure> games for English language teaching for kids between 6 and 10 years old.

The games are focused on several aspects ranging from vocabulary (numbers, colours, etc.), grammar, verb tense or common expresions and contextualized learning.

The games have been integrated in Moodle as SCORM 1.2 Learning Objects and tested by students to evaluate their learning impact.

The games are available in the web repository.

We hope you enjoy the games and they give to you interesting ideas for your lessons!

The <e-Adventure> team

eAdventure 2.0 Tech Demo


Hello everyone!

We are glad to be able to share with you the very first "Tech Demo" of the new eAdventure 2.0 technology, running on HTML5! We are very excited to be going in this direction, which means that future versions of eAdventure will not need any sort of installation by the users.

Go to: http://eadventure2.appspot.com/TechDemo.html (Right now it works on Chrome, Firefox & Safari, no Internet Explorer yet... sorry)

In the demo you will find some of the new things we are adding to eAdventure in future releases, such as support for a physics engine (the same one being used in Angry Birds), more dynamic games with interpolation effects, and much better drag&drop for puzzle games.

We hope you enjoy the demo, please feel free to leave feedback in the forums. Please understand that this is a demo, and if you can get back or things get stuck, hit the refresh button on your browser.

And be ready, because more is yet to come!

The eAdventure team

<e-Adventure> and Neuropsychology: Educational Technologies to the service of Cognitive Neurology


The work: "Using educative-games authoring platforms and 2D simulation for developing screen-based narutalistic neuropsychological assessments" will be presented in the LXVI Chilean Congress of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery, taking place in Pucón, Chile on November 9-12th, 2011.

This is a collaborative effort led by scientists from the Center of Advanced research in Education at the University of Chile the e-UCM research group at Complutense University of Madrid and the Laboratory of Computer Science at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

They make use of the open-source, low cost adventure-game authoring platform <e-Adventure> for developing a new kind of naturalistic assessments, more ecologically valid and easier to use and develop than other approaches.

One of its main innovations is the use of "touch" interfaces and high portability by using Android-based tablets to deploy the assessments in real clinical settings. Currently, the researchers are planning to begin a clinical validation study, with real patients, to evaluate the feasibility of this approach.

poster de la conferencia

Are you using <e-Adventure>? - We want to know!


Hi everyone,

We go on with our purpose of better understanding our users so we can provide you with a better product.

In this line, we are conducting a study to estimate current acceptance and use of the <e-Adventure> tool within the community of teachers and other professionals related to education.

We encourage you to complete the questionnaire we've prepared. Even if such definition above doesn't fit you. Even if you have not used <e-Adventure> to create games in your life, or if you don't plan to do it in the future. That's the only way we have to understand what's wrong in <e-Adventure> and fix it in future releases.

Here's the link to the form: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?hl=es&formkey=dG9HRjBkM0YtVWg1QkRFNkNQdFJqckE6MA#gid=0

Thanks for your cooperation!

The <e-Adventure> team.

<e-Adventure> wants you!


The <e-Adventure> platform is a research project with the main aim of facilitating the integration of video games and game-based simulations in the learning process. The target users are individual users or small teams who want to create/use video games at a low cost and without requiring a previous technical background. Nowadays, <e-Adventure> has more than 1000 downloads per month and 800 registered users in the project webpage.

For this reason we are promoting new ways of nurturing our community, and help users in sharing their experiences with the platform, that is, a games repository as source of good practices with <e-Adventure>. So far we have uploaded new games and have organized them into categories. We will soon publish an upload form allowing users share their games with the community.

Furthermore, we are currently developing a new version of the platform: <e-Adventure> 2.0. This version will include a completely new editor and game engine. We are happy to hear suggestions of new features for this new version in “General discussion” forum.

Kind regards.

The <e-Adventure> Team

GACET'11 Conference in Rome - Games and Creativity in Education and Training


Dear all, GACET’11 is a refereed scientific conference acting as a forum for scientists, engineers, and practitioners to present their latest research, results, ideas and developments on games and learning. The focus will be on the use of educational games in creative teaching methodologies. The conference is organized by a project funded by the European Commission (Lifelong Learning Programme), ProActive — Fostering Teachers’ Creativity through Game-Based Learning. <e-Adventure> will be present in this event: it is one of the tools used in ProActive by teachers that are developing their own educational games. This may be a good opportunity for <e-Adventure> users and researchers to meet and share experiences. We encourage all of you to enjoy the conference! GACET'11 will be held in Rome, Italy, on November 17-18, 2011. To know more about the conference, please visit: www.proactive-project.eu/conference Regards, The <e-Adventure> team

New <e-Adventure> release candidate! v1.3RC2



We are pleased to announce the release of a new <e-Adventure> release candidate (1.3 RC2) available through sourceforge.net and the downloads section of the website <e-Adventure> (e-adventure.e-ucm.es). 1.3 RC2 also includes the following features and improvements:

  • Chapter importation: this new feature allows importing chapter between different games fostering the collaborative work in the game development process.
  • New debian installers: this release is also available in .deb format to install <e-Adventure> in all “debian family” operative systems.
  • Reviewed language files: we continue improving the language support in our platform and in this new release we include new reviewed translation for German and Romanian.
  • Hundreds of bug-fixes...
  • Finally, we have updated the <e-Adventure> user manual, which is available on the website including all the features present in 1.3RC2 release.

    We hope you enjoy this new version.

    The <e-Adventure> team

New <e-Adventure> release candidate! v1.3



We are pleased to announce the release of a new <e-Adventure> release candidate (1.3 RC1) available through sourceforge.net and the downloads section of the <e-Adventure> website (e-adventure.e-ucm.es).

This new <e-Adventure> version includes support for LAMS export profile (File->Export as Learning Object->LAMS). Now, using LAMS 2.3.5, which was released last December 2010, <e-Adventure> games can be imported in any activity sequence as a new tool (see this article for more details).

<e-Adventure> 1.3 RC1 also includes many other new features and improvements:

  • Expressive dialog bubbles: dialog bubbles now can express different feelings (thinking, angry, etc.) by changing their borders

  • New perspectives: the perspective of games can now be changed to isometric to support more graphic resources

  • Different interactions mechanisms: actions for objects can now be shown upon a left click (when configured in the editor), simplifying user interaction

  • Added new translations: Italian and Romanian. The Italian translation is a draft version so may contain some errors.

  • Hundreds of bug-fixes...

We hope you enjoy this new version.

The <e-Adventure> team

Statistics of 2010 for <e-Adventure> platform


Number of registered users of the website <e-Adventure>: 642

Total number of downloads in 2010: 12,479

Breakdown by month:

January: 492
February: 450
March: 630
April: 564
May: 563
June: 731
July: 2.180
August: 1.384
September: 1,222
October: 1,605
November: 1.416
December: 1,242

Breakdown by country:
<e-Adventure> has been downloaded more than 100 countries.

Statistics from https://sourceforge.net

<e-Adventure> in LAMS release 2.3.5



First of all, Happy new year!!

We are pleased to announce the presence of <e-Adventure> as a new educational tool within the LAMS platform version 2.3.5. In this link you can see new features in LAMS community.

LAMS is a LMS that allows creating, executing and monitoring
sequences of learning activities. LAMS has a library of educational tools (forums, image galleries, mindmaps, etc.) to create sequences and a set of flow control elements that allow for the adaption of the educational experience taking into account the students' performance in previous activities. With the new the <e-Adventure> tool within LAMS library, the educators not only can execute <e-Adventure> video games but also they can use the information gathered in the game about the user's performance to modify the flow of the sequence. Besides LAMS gathers the assessment reports genereted by games in monitoring view together with the activity's reports from the rest of LAMS activities.

Thus <e-Adventure> games do not run in isolation in LAMS, but it can collect large amount of information that <e-Adventure> can transmit to customize and improve student's educational experience in a automatically or supervised way.

Next week we will realase a new version of <e-Adventure> with a
specific exportation profile for LAMS platform.

The <e-Adventure> Team

New <e-Adventure> release candidate!



We are pleased to announce the release of a new <e-Adventure> release candidate (1.2 RC2) available through sourceforge.net, the <e-Adventure> website and the downloads section of the website.

Different bugs sent using the error report system of the platform have been fixed besides a problem with the edition of SCORM properties in the <e-Adventure> editor.

We hope you enjoy the impovements in this new version.

The <e-Adventure> team

New <e-Adventure> release!



We are pleased to announce the release of a new <e-Adventure> release (1.2 RC1) available through sourceforge.net, the <e-Adventure> website and the downloads section of the website.

New features have been added to this release, as well as many bugfixes found thanks to intense testing of the platform.

The main changes are:
  • Better books: arrows can now be customized and bugs have been fixed
  • Better trajectories: length of sections can be defined to simulate the depth of a scene and bugs have been fixed
  • Improved performance (engine): performance is now be considerably better across all games, including the playback videos and animation of transitions
  • Improved performance (editor): the editor should now use less memory and allow a more fluent creation experience
  • Increased “action” flexibility: default actions are no longer forced upon games
  • New “Drag to” action which allows the dragging and dropping of objects (both directly as an interaction and using a context button)
  • Reduced size: the installer is now less than 20MB against the 40MB of previous releases
  • Improved conversations: For instance, the last line in a conversation can remain in the screen while the answer choices are presented
  • Better graphic resources: Default buttons and books have a new and improved look
  • New licence agreement: is now pure LGPL software!
  • Two new translations: Portuguese and German are now available (some errors are still to be found in the RC). This is thanks to the special effort of Adela Castillo and Enrique Lopez Mañas

We hope you enjoy the impovements in this new version.

The <e-Adventure> team

Two games updated


Dear users, We are happy to announce that we have updated two classic <e-Adventure> games: 1492 and "Paniel and the Chocolate-based Sauce Adventure". You can try them out now! Thank you! The <e-Adventure> team.

<e-Adventure> meets LAMS


Dear all,

Today our work on <e-Adventure>-LAMS integration is well under way. We have just implemented a LAMS activity and a specific exportation profile as Learning Object in the <e-Adventure> editor. This way you will not only be able to add a game as another LAMS activity but also you be able to take advantage of the information that <e-Adventure> gathers from students' interaction. The data exchanged with LAMS during the game execution can be used for automatic flow control at branching. Also, you can see the assessment report at LAMS Monotoring View and gather it with all activity reports at portfolio.

So we want you to try it out. We have developed a sequence to teach concepts of partity as case study and we added it to our Moodle. This is the first version, but we are improving it to put this sequence into use at "Ramiro de Maeztu" primary school in Madrid. You can access this sequence at English Forums or through this link.

If you still aren't a <e-Adventure> community member, you will need to register to access this test sequence.

We would really like to know your opinion through a survey that is the end of a sequence or through our forums.

We acknowledge the collaboration of Ernie Ghiglione (LAMS).

We hope you like it.

Kind regards,

The <e-Adventure> team.

<e-Adventure> seeks a new corporative look!


Dear all,

From the <e-Adventure> team we are seeking to update the look of our platform to be more simple, natural and intuitive.

That is why we are revising our logos and we have some proposals. We would really like to know your opinions about the new logos, so we invite all of you to fulfil the next questionnaire: link.

Please note that the link will redirect you to a login screen. There is no need to be registered in the system to complete the questionnaire (it is completely anonymous), just press the button "Login as guest" and the questionnaire will appear.

Thanks a lot for your cooperation! Your feedback will help us to make <e-Adventure> better!

Warm regards,

The <e-Adventure> team.

New game released


We have added a new game: parity game. Two turtles will help us to understand the concepts of even and odd. This game has been designed to introduce the concepts of parity to students of first courses of elementary school.

Also we have actived the self-assessment profile. You will check your performance at the end of the game.

We hope you enjoy it!!

Best regards.

<e-Adventure> team

<e-Adventure> on the Spanish TV!


A prototype of an educational video game developed by the <e-Adventure> team was broadcasted by the Spanish National TV Channel (RTVE) during the sixth chapter of the documentary "El Mundo se Mueve Contigo” (If you go the world goes with you), on the 12th of April of 2010 at 15:00 (Spanish local time). The documentary is publicly available either on the RTVE web-site and the <e-Adventure> Youtube channel. Although the video is in Spanish, it has been subtitled in English for your convenience.
The prototype developed is an <e-Adventure> video game that has been enhanced with some accessibility features for people with limited vision or mobility. In this manner the universal access to the games is promoted, not only as products for entertainment but also as educational contents.
The demonstration for TV was performed by Juan José Montiel, a consultant of the Technosite Company. Technosite is a company of the Fundosa group (which belongs to the ONCE – Spanish National Association of Disabled People) which provides us with advice in terms of accessibility in the Spanish National I+D+i projects INREDIS and GAME•TEL.
"El Mundo se Mueve Contigo” is a documentary of 13 chapters produced by RTVE which covers the problems that people with any disability face in their daily life.
Currently the prototype is not available for download; however, we are working hard so our expectations is to release a first prototype of an accessible version of <e-Adventure> very soon.
So stay tuned!
The <e-Adventure> team.

English Version of the Hematocrit simulation game released!


It is our pleasure to announce that the Hematocrit game, which was already available to the public in Spanish, has been also released in English. This game has been used during the last two academic years in a real learning scenario by more than 800 students at the Medical School of the Complutense University of Madrid. If you want to read more about this research, you can access some related publications about:Edutainment 2009. Hope you enjoy it! Best regards, The <e-Adventure> team

New version of the Fire Protocol Game


The English version of the Fire Protocol game is now available. It has the same history but we have translated all the elements, from conversations to edition items (flags, information about characters, objets, scenes, etc.).

Also we have actived the self-assessment profile. You will check your performance at the end of the game.

We hope you enjoy it!!

Best regards.

<e-Adventure> team

New video about simple game creation


It is available a video that follows the steps showed in the tutorial about the creation of a simple adventure with the editor of the version v1.0. It shows how to create a game in four minutes.

You can access this link or "Overview">> "Documentation".

New tutorial about simple game creation


It is available a video that follow the steps showed in the tutorial about the creation of a simple game using the version v1.0 of the editor. It shows how to create a game in four minutes.

Click this link or go to "General information" >> "Documentation".

Version 1.0-RC1 (Release candidate)


Version 1.0 is finally arriving, packed with multiple novelties and featuring a completely refurbished user interfaces. We are still working on the final bugs, but it is ready for public usage. Please try it out and help us identify any remaining issues.

NOTE: The Win32 Installer presents some problems in the presence of some firewalls (including COMODO Personal Firewall). If you have problems running the installed application, please revert to the generic multiplatform version.

Version 0.9


This release contains multiple new features. Special mention deserve some changes made on how <e-Adventure> is distributed. On the one hand, the multiplatform version has been improved in terms of general compatibility, and now works properly under Windows and Linux systems with Java JRE 1.6 installed. For Windows users we have also improved the Win32 version including now a bundled installer that does not require having Java installed on the computer. Mac users can use our deeply revised Mac version, which solves most of the compatibility problems reported by users. Given the improved compatibility with Linux environments of the generic multiplatform version, we will not release any more Linux-specific versions.

Besides, all the versions include two sample games for your convenience. Try them out!

The detailed changes are:

  • New look and icons!
  • The placement of elements in the scene has been completely redesigned and now is fully drag & drop. Besides it now allows users to adjust the size of the elements for each scene, along with the order in which each element must be painted thanks to a new layer system.
  • Documentation has been updated and now is distributed along with the release.
  • Movement system improved by the use of trajectories in combination with barriers.
  • Set items can be defined now in <e-Adventure> to improve how the games will look.
  • Interactivity has been improved by the inclusion of custom actions for NPCs and items.
  • Now it is easier to implement a narrative flow in <e-Adventure> thanks to the inclusion of variables, macros and global states.
  • Support for active areas has been enhanced.
  • Export & Import system improved in both game editor and engine.
  • New animation system: much more flexible, powerful and easy to use.
  • The HTML books editor has been also improved.
  • Multimedia-content compatibility has been improved.
  • Compatibility with Mac and Linux systems has been enhanced.
  • Multiple bugs fixed.

NOTE: The Win32 Installer presents some problems in the presence of some firewalls (including COMODO Personal Firewall). If you have problems running the installed application, please revert to the generic multiplatform version.

Version 0.8


This release is one of the largest releases published. Under the auspices of a bigger developer force, the <e-Adventure> development team focused the efforts in developing new features as well as in solving old bugs. The detailed changes:

  • A lighter version of the engine can be deployed within the editor, to check the games while developing them
  • A major code refactoring has been performed. The new java packages distribution is more realistic, according to the <e-Adventure> structure .
  • Multiple enhancements and bugs solved in the conversations: random selection is now possible.
  • New screens mode: the full screen mode is now possible
  • The implementation between the LMS and the game has been acomplished (based on AJAX) to allow some new features which will be later on used by a comunication based on SCORM
  • Image format compatibility is now assured.
  • The HTML books have been renovated.
  • Multiple bug fixed.

Version 0.7


This release is mostly a maintenance release, fixing some bugs encountered on the previous release. The execution options for the engine have been improved and the total size of the release has been significantly reduced. The detailed changes:

  • Internationalization of the engine: The engine now also supports internationalization, with default versions for Spanish and English.
  • Improved the general workflow (exporting and executing games is now simpler).
  • Multiple bug fixed.

Version 0.6 (Internal)


This release focuses on augmenting the features of the <e-Adventure> platform, with special focus on game elements. This is our complete change list:

  • Barriers: There is a new type of element for third-person games (in which there is a main character always on screen). In order to prevent the player from accessing certain areas of the screen, it is possible to define barriers that impede movement. The barriers can be activated/deactivated using the flag system.
  • Random events: Alternative effects can now be selected according to a random chance. This allows the creation of non-deterministic games.
  • Updated the engine to allow the direct selection of a single EAD instead of a complete folder.

Version 0.5


With this release we have tried to tackle <e-Adventure>'s Achilles Heel with a complete reimplementation of the way in which the editor manages the projects and game assests. From now on, the games are treated as "Projects" and stored into open folders. Downwards compatibility is assured by an "EAD import" feature that takes a compiled EAD file and deploys it as an <e-Adventure> v0.5 project. This should be a solution for all the bugs related to game-saving that could corrupt an existing EAD file. The other key feature is improved cross-platform compatibility. However, this is a major release with many other interesting additions. This is our complete change list:

  • Project management: The editor no longer works with single-file compiled EAD files, but with open projects stored in folders. When you are satisfied with your game, you can export for execution.
  • Importation of EAD files: Pre-compiled EAD files from any version of <e-Adventure> (0.1b+) can be imported from the editor and deployed as a project on your file system.
  • Multiple exportation options: Commit your games as executable EAD files, as standalone games (with the <e-Adventure> engine embedded in the same JAR file) or as encapsulated Learning Objects.
  • Improved GUI for conversation authoring. The position of the nodes is now remembered between executions.
  • Internationalized versions in English and Spanish.
  • Improved cross-platform compatibility. The platform has been tested in WinXP, Vista, Ubuntu and OSX. Please let us know of any platform-specific bugs that may have gone unnoticed.
  • Solved the bugs related to the direction that characters faced in first person games.
  • Most of the bugs reported by users have been solved (and new ones probably included).

Version 0.4


This release is focused on enriching game features. The new key elements are active areas (portions of the scenario with active programmable behaviors) and timed events. The adaptation and assessment mechanisms have also received a complete GUI redesign and now are much more intuitive to use.

  • Support for active areas: This new feature allows some areas of the background of a scene to be defined as "Active" with behaviors similar to objects. This allows adding behavior to objects already included in the background (like objects in photos)
  • Timed events: The editor now supports timers, which can be triggered when a certain condition is satisfied and will run until interrupted or until they expire, executing a different effects block on each case.
  • Automated comments for empty actions can now be activated/deactivated<./li>
  • New interface for the definition of assessment and adaptation profiles. The same game can include several profiles that can be selected from the editor
  • New types of assessment rules: The editor now allows the definition of assessment rules with different payloads depending on the time elapsed between

Version 0.3b


The most significant updates in this new release are centered on the educational value. It is now possible to export the games as standards-compliant Learning Objects. Besides, we now support advanced forms of content in the in-game books, including HTML & RTF rendering. tor, which now supports the authoring of adaptation and assessment files through a user-friendly interface. This is our detailed list:

  • The games can now be exported as Learning Objects, packaged according to the IMS Content Packaging specification and described with IEEE LOM metadata
  • Advanced HTML and RTF rendering inside in-game books
  • New editor interface for the creation of book content
  • Several performance improvements to avoid running out of memory
  • Known issue: There is a problem when loading jpg animations for characters. Please use PNG files for better results

Version 0.2


The most significant updates in this new release are centered on the editor, which now supports the authoring of adaptation and assessment files through a user-friendly interface. These are some other changes:

  • Minor UI tweaks on the editor
  • Improved video support
  • New default cursors and pointers, plus the ability to customize them for each adventure
  • You can now configure the pointer appearance and text when pointing to exits
  • Fixed a bug with the music restarting on every scene change
  • Now it is possible to include effect blocks in every node of a conversation, including sound effects (designed to support voiceovers for the conversations, but be creative!)
  • Flag management improved
  • New authoring interface for assessment and adaptation files
Important note: the execution of the editor in non-windows environments is now implemented but still experimental. This version requires Java 1.6 or higher.

Version 0.1b


This is the first public release of the <e-Adventure> tools. We still expect some bugs and a few bumps down the road. We will appreciate any feedback you feel like sending back to us. If you tested any of our pre-releases, these are the most significant changes:

  • Files are now encapsulated as (.ead) files. They are still zipped files containing XML, just open with your decompressor of choice.
  • Added support for first-person games in which the main character is not displayed
  • The editor has changed in order to be less focused on the structure of the language
  • Added support for MPEG, MOV and some AVI-contained codecs
  • Complete overhaul of the asset management interface in the editor (Windows only)
  • Slight improvements in the management of big files (major improvements on the way)
  • Added support for cursor customization
Important note: We have introduced some enhancements that have not been tested in non-windows environments. Please let us know if you find any issues in alternative platforms.