How to contribute to eAdventure

As you all know, eAdventure is basically an Open Source project developed and maintained by the e-UCM research group of the Complutense University of Madrid. Thanks to all of you, eAdventure has grown and evolved during the last five years - so thanks a lot!

Nonetheless, there are lots of things to be done yet, especially regarding eAdventure 2.0 which is still in its infancy, and we are happy to accept anyone's skills to improve eAdventure. If you are willing to help, but unsure about what's needed / what can be done, please read these brief guidelines, and/or contact us by e-mail at

If you have 5 minutes to spare

Obviously disseminating eAdventure is important! Link our website anywhere, post on blogs and social networks about the platform, talk to teachers and educators about what you can doo with the tool, visit our Google Code site for eAdventure 2.0 and show activity in our site for eAdventure 1.X.

If you are an experienced eAdventure user

We're happy to include showcases in our website, after content is revised of course. Besides, you can make videos about the games you created or describing how was your experience and we'll post them on our Youtube channel and news page. We're avid of visual content and practical experiences about how eAdventure is being used, especially in educational organizations.

You can also get involved in forum discussions, answering questions for novice users.

If you are a writer

We've been quite good at keeping the user's manual updated, both in Spanish and English, but there are other kinds of documents that would be very useful. Some ideas:
  • Short tutorials and tips about workarounds in the platform (basically, a collection of "How-to-do-whatever".
  • Tutorials on how to make art resources for eAdventure
  • Technical docs (e.g. describing APIs). Especially important for eAdventure 2.0
  • Documentation about showcases
  • Etc.

If you are an artist

One of the things we want to do in the near future (hopefully for eAdventure 2.0) is to integrate libraries of art resources in the tool that are ready to use when you open the editor. This will make life easier for game authors that do not have the time to create/gather all the art a game may require. So, if you are a 2D or 3D artist or animator and you have some time to spare, let us know.

If you are a coder

There's always code to do. Are you good with Android? Have experience with Java? Do you want to expore the possibilities of HTML 5? Write to us and we'll find you something to do in eAdventure2.0. Have you developed any functionality you missed in eAdventure? All our code is publicly available, either from our public SVN on for eAdventure 1.X and our Mercurial repo for eAdventure 2.0, so you can check it out, modify it, and send us a patch for revision. Do you want to do something that is not so tightly integrated in our source code core? There are side projects you could develop:
  • A tool for managing eAdventure art libraries.
  • A tool for doing little editions on images.
  • A 3D character configuration tool (we've already done some work here)
  • ...
  • (let your imagination fly)

If you are good with languages

The eAdventure UI has been translated to several languages by our contributors. Thanks to all of them! But all the documentation is still in English and Spanish only.

Besides, eAdventure 2.0 will have a completely new interface - so we will need help with localization at some point.

Are you unhappy because lt;e-Adventure> is not availably in your language? Let us know and we'll tell you how to translate it.

Have you detected any error with the text? Please let us know!

If you wish to localize eAdventure to your language/country, there's a specific tool for that. You can download it here and follow these instructions to complete the translation. You will also need these additional files.