UPDATE (October 19th, 2012)

A new release candidate for eAdventure 1.5 is available!
It is our great pleasure to announce that we have published a new release candidate with two new translations of the editor GUI to Portuguese (Brazilian variant) and Russian. Thanks to Gilberto Azevedo and Elena Nemilova, authors of these localizations! This new release candidate also fixes problems during the exportation of games related to insufficient privileges. Just to let you know, the eAdventure editor needs to have writing permissions in folder eadventure/web/temp, so when it is installed in a restricted folder (e.g. Program Files) the problem arises.

Note about v1.5 Release Candidate 1 (August 2nd, 2012)

A bug concerning the execution of the eAdventure game engine was found in version 1.5 release candidate 1 (1.5RC1), published on July 27th, 2012. A bad formed classpath hindered execution of any game on Unix or Mac systems. As of August 2nd, 2012, this issue has been solved and a new release candidate is available for download through the links provided on this page.

Choose the distribution that is best for you

The eAdventure platform includes the eAdventure game editor and the eAdventure game engine that executes the games generated with the editor. The platform can be downloaded as a single Java application (requiring Java 1.6+, which can be downloaded for free from http://www.java.com).

We also offer more convenient installers for Windows, OSX and Linux (debian) environmens.

NOTE:The multiplaform version is highly recommended, as it does not require native installation on the system (just unzipping the contents to a folder). This version works in all systems and is not blocked by any firewalls (see note on Windows version).

Multiplatform version - 1.5 (Release Candidate 4): Multiplatform version. Includes scripts to launch the application for most OS (.bat for Windows, .sh for Linux and .command for Mac OSX). Does not include a Java environment. Does not require installation (just extracting contents from the ZIP file), which has obvious benefits. The main drawback of this distribution is that it does not associate .ead and .eap file extensions to the eAdventure applications.

To run this version, follow the next steps: 1) Download the multiplatform bundle ZIP file.
2) Unzip its content onto a folder with your favourite tool (e.g. WinRar, PeaZip, 7Zip, etc.). On Windows, please ensure you unzip the zip file before launching eAdventure, otherwise it won't work (zip files may look like regular folders).
3) Launch the applications by double clicking the .bat (Win), .sh (Linux) or .command (Mac) files.

TROUBLESHOOTING: Should you experience any troubles on Linux saving, importing or exporting game projects, try running the application with super user privileges. Or perhaps try changing permissions for sh files.

Windows version - 1.5 (Release Candidate 4): Multilanguage installer for Windows (EXE).

To install this version, just download the file and execute it (double click). Then, follow the steps. You may be prompted to grant admin privileges to the application.

Known issue: This version does not work well with Comodo and other firewalls. Should it happen that the installer completes successfully but the applications don't run, just try with the multiplatform version.

MacOSX version: 1.5 (Release Candidate 4): DMG Installer for Mac OSX.

To install this version, just download it and mount the dmg image with a double click on the file. Then, execute the installer that you will find inside.

Debian version - 1.5 (Release Candidate 4): Installer for Debian SO. Just download it and execute it.

TROUBLESHOOTING: Should you experience any troubles saving, importing or exporting game projects, try running the application with super user privileges.

After downloading and testing eAdventure, please let us know your opinions via email to e-adventure@e-ucm.es.

eAdventure is an open source project. You can find the source in SourceForge:: http://sourceforge.net/projects/e-adventure/